Growbox - how to choose the best one?

Growbox - how to choose the best one?
All living organisms – be it human beings, animal, or plants, have appropriate conditions, fulfillment of which ensure their adequate growth and development. To envision the ubiquitous greenery and full flowering in all its glory, Planet Earth provides mild climate such as spring and summer. Unfortunately, regions such as Poland, which have really very harsh winters, do not allow people to enjoy views with flowering and greenery all year round. Climate and weather are all natural phenomenon; hence, we cannot expect or demand the weather to be conducive to cultivation. Instead, what we can do is invest in a clever device – a growbox, in which each plant – bigger and smaller, more modest and the one that grows like crazy – can grow freely. Do you want to know about the things to pay attention towards, before buying a growbox? If yes, then continue reading further to know about the effective tips to choose the best growbox.

 Growbox – what is this?

 In simple words, growboxes are miniature greenhouses. These can be wardrobes, small houses or tents for plants, in which all living conditions are adjusted in such a manner so as to flourish even the most demanding plants, and that too without any problems. Within a growbox, special equipment are used to control conditions such as humidity, CO2 content, temperature, time and intensity of exposure etc.

 Growbox – what to grow in it?

 You can grow absolutely any kind of plant in the growbox. Depending on how you design your growbox, you can easily grow herbs, vegetables, flowers, trees and even shrubs inside your own house. There are no hindrances to the optimal growth of the plants within the growbox, because all the living conditions can be easily ensured in it, even for the more demanding exotic specimens. The greatest advantage of mini-cloisters is that in such an environment, all of their beauty can also be shown to those plants that are not prepared for development outside the shields. For the people who reside in crowded cities, in flats which do not have a large area, a year-round garden can be created within the house itself. The trend of indoor gardening is increasing manifolds because urban residents want to grow crops of their own, and that too throughout the year, without suffering from a deficit of greenery only during spring and summer.

 Which growbox to choose? Mammoth has something for everyone!

Mammoth Lite Micro - 40x40x80cm There are numerous kinds of growboxes that are available in the market, but the one that has gained most attention is the well-known and valued Mammoth brand. For instance, the growbox Lite Micro model is an ideal option for beginners, who want to try to grow plants at home, but do not want to spend hefty amount of money for buying a tent. Mammoth Lite Micro is very easy and quick to assemble. It is especially characterized by a light construction, and it’s very easy to clean it because its material can be washed from both inside and outside. On the contrary, for more demanding growers, we recommend Mammoth Dark Street – a growbox made of high quality materials. Mammoth Dark Street is reinforced with a frame with solid connectors and steel strips (16 mm). It also has flexible installation (many inlets and outlets) and very easy access (thanks to a large door). 

 Growbox - how to equip it?

 No matter what kind of growbox is chosen, it is essential to equip it so as to create optimal growth conditions within it. Usually, it is recommended to pay attention towards these three key elements: 

- Lighting, or the color of the light stream (expressed in kelvins) – for the growth phase, the plants need “cold” light (6000-6500K), and for flowering phase, "warm" light (2000-2500K) is essential; performance light (expressed in lumens; the more there are – per square meter of the box – the better), and the type and power of the light source. 

Ventilation and filtration – indoor cultivation must have regular exchange of air for optimal growth. And, ventilation is not only the circulation of right amount of oxygen, but carbon dioxide as well. For achieving the best results, it is essential to install various fans: mixing air (oscillating), pressing air (duct) and extracting air (duct or radial). 

Control equipment and climatic conditions – they do not only include the ideal lacking devices to maintain adequate humidity (dehumidifiers, humidifiers and air conditioners), but also the ones for checking the conditions prevailing in the tent (thermometers, weather stations and hygrometers). All in all, growboxes are the perfect solution for the individuals who love nature and want to have it always close to them – literally at their fingertips.