Growbox, or how to grow plants without daylight

Growbox, or how to grow plants without daylight

Mammoth Dark Street / Classic 90 - 90x90x160cm

Growboxes – houses for plants


Growbox is a small, inconspicuous greenhouse for the indoor plants, which makes it possible to create a home garden from a real event. It is equipped with the right equipment, consisting of devices to control humidity, temperature, time & intensity of exposure, CO2 content etc. Perfect blend of these devices makes it an ideal living environment, even for the most demanding plants. Grow boxes are available in different variants, ranging from the ones with more or less advanced control system. And, depending on the level of our knowledge and experience, we can choose the right Growbox set for indoor gardening. Out of all the Growbox sets available in the market, Mammoth products are particularly noteworthy because these are available in a number of interesting options: Classic (standard version for intermediate planter), Lite (for beginners), Pro and Elite (for professionals, top-class boxes).

Growboxes provide perfect conditions for development of every kind of plant – be it basic herbs or the most requiring plants. Hence, if you have an ambition to grow your own species, it is always worthy to implement these plans, alongside providing the right microclimate.


Brightness, I see brightness!

Lampy HPS

Every element is essential for perfect growth of the plants, but as per the title, let us primarily focus on lighting. Whether our plants will grow quickly and luxuriantly or slowly and reluctantly, depends entirely on the amount of light that is supplied to the specimens. But, as we are focused on getting the first result, which is quick and luxuriant growth, it is essential to choose the right color of the light beam.

The intensity of lighting is often expressed in kelvins, and its strength depends on whether our plants are in growth or flowering phase. For the growth phase, they require cold light (6000-6500K), and for flowering phase, "warm" light (2000-2500K) is essential. Apart from the importance of considering the color of light beam, it is equally crucial to consider parameters such as luminous efficiency (determined in lumens; the more there is, the better), the power and type of light source. Lighting variants available in the market can be divided into CFL fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, HPS sodium lamps, MH metal halide lamps and LED panels.


Let's create a friendly environment

No doubt lighting is essential for adequate growth of the plants, but lighting alone is not enough for plants to feel like in a natural environment. We must lookout for the growboxes that not only have proper lighting, but also the equipment responsible for ventilation, filtration, and climatic conditions control as well. All crops must regularly exchange air so as to yield more produce. And, to provide proper ventilation in the grow room, you can always invest in appropriate fans – not only ducting, which press air, but also radial (extracting air) and oscillating (mixing air). To maintain proper humidity, devices such as humidifiers, air conditioners and air dryers always come in handy. Apart from these, equipment such as hygrometers, thermometers and weather stations will allow you to ensure that all values ​​are at the right level.

With just these little amount of efforts, we can create a green, year-round oasis, which will not only provide a better atmosphere at home, but also please you every time, giving hope for better days when it is still gray and sad outside.