How to choose fertilizing system? What is worth knowing?

How to choose fertilizing system? What is worth knowing?
Gold Label Soil A&B 2x1L Nutrient-rich fertilizers are required by even the finest quality soils available around the world. It is absolutely amazing to see what all our crops can get from such valuable reinforcement. However, not all the variants available in the market are of the perfect quality. Sellers in the marketplace offer so many variants of fertilizers that it often confuses the buyers about what to buy and what to avoid. To clear that doubt, let us have a look at some of the factors that must be paid attention towards, while choosing fertilizer for the crops. 

 A few words about soils

 Before dwelling further into the subject of the title, let us have a look at the different kinds of soils that are suitable for growing plants. Understanding these is important because selection of a wrong kind of soil will mean that even the most valuable fertilizers available will not be of any help. 

- Generally, the finest quality soil has a crumbly structure, such as fertile black seed. Lumpy structure of the soil plays a major role in making it well-oxygenated and helping it in retaining the right amount of water. 

- On the other hand, heavy soils are mainly compacted with very low permeability, which makes it difficult for the oxygen or essential nutrients to reach the root system. Every grower must evaluate the condition of the soil in order to see if everything is ok or there’s any underlying problem. 

Astonishingly, there’s no need of a trained eye to judge if there is something wrong with the soil. Improper growth of plants is a clear indication that there is something wrong with them. One of the reasons of such poor growth can be lack of nutrients or poorly selected soil. To overcome the shortcomings, we add fertilizers to the soil.

Gold Label Special Mix 45L What fertilizers to choose? 

  •   The main criterion for selection of fertilizers is that they must be rich in humus because that not only improves the structure of the substrate, but also provides plants with easier access to various minerals. No doubt natural methods such as manure, compost or even peat are naturally recommended and valued, but they are not sufficient on their own. Instead, you need to combine them with mineral fertilizers containing many nutrients (such as the ones found in the Gold Label offer) so as to attain the maximum benefit. Apart from this, it is equally important to be interested in specialized fertilizers, as exemplified by the concentrated root growth stimulant of the Gold Label Roots type.
  •   Another criterion that can be chosen is to pick the fertilizers from the point of view of the soil we deal with. As already discussed, soil with lumpy structure is good whereas, the one which is compact is bad. Here, however, we have another problem, which is, too light soil for which special fertilizers are dedicated. Such kind of soil seems to be loose and well aerated, but it is not very fertile at the same time. Thankfully, we have fertilizers such as Gold Label Ultra PK, using which we can increase the absorption power of soil and increase its ability to accumulate nutrients as well as water.
  •   Dealing with clay is really very difficult because although it retains water well, there is not much air in it. Such soils are dominated by moisture, which causes plants to rot very rapidly. However, we can improve the condition of the soil, loosen its structure and improve the condition of the plants by adding the right fertilizer in them.
 Bear in mind that there are always opportunities to improve the condition of the soil regardless of what problems it has. You can deal with even the toughest soils by choosing the right kind of fertilizers.