How to neutralize the smell from growing?

How to neutralize the smell from growing?

Witnessing a fast growing, thriving plant is a pleasing phenomenon because it is visually appealing to see how the magical process of plant growth follows. However, when the plants grow, it is not only their visual growth but sense of aroma which affects the surroundings. These aromas can be sometimes pleasant, but can be problematic on the other times. So, what to do? How to neutralize the smells from cultivation?

Strange smells?

Having an indoor garden at home is a lot of work. We need to maintain the indoor garden and take care of it regularly so as to let it grow calmly under the best conditions. However, we must not forget that for taking care of the plants, we must first take care of ourselves as well. We are saying so because smells of some of the specimens may make life difficult for us. And, if it doesn’t bother us, it might affect the neighbors and trigger them to complain about the strange, unknown aromas emerging from your apartment. So, how to counteract them?

Beneficial effect of neutralizers

The best way to control bad odors is to use neutralizers. They quickly and effectively absorb not only odors from crops, but from many other sources such as bathroom (urine, sewage), kitchen (such as burnt frying pan) and chemical (adhesives, paints, solvents) as well. Interestingly, they also deal with characteristic smells of pets.

  • Generally, neutralizers work for a long time, which can be anywhere between a few days to a dozen of days. They are available in several forms such as gels, sprays, fragrance blocks or disks. The most recommended neutralizer is Spice of the ONA Company, which has refreshing, intense aroma. It spreads pretty quickly and takes just a few seconds to chase the unpleasant odors from each and every room of the house. Products SHE are not harmful for animals, plants or people, and are eco-friendly and completely safe for the environment.

  • Also, other noteworthy products are ONA brand gels, for example Polar Crystal, which have intense, crisp polar aroma. Also, Tropics products provide refreshing aroma of the tropics and the Fresh Linen variety also has equally rapid action in eliminating unpleasant odors.

  • If you are looking for neutralizers which can be used independently or in the air stream for better circulation, then Fragrance blocks are recommended for you. To be specific, SHE Block Apple Crumble with a capacity of 170g is the perfect choice because it provides very high efficiency.

  • From amongst the other available methods, we must specifically look into Vaportek EZ drive, which lasts up to 50m3. This product works perfectly in places which require fresh air because of unpleasant odor prevailing in them all the time. This particular disk is non-toxic, biodegradable and lasts up to 30 days. It is so small in size that you can easily place it anywhere without it being visible from distance.

What else we can do?

Neutralizers may be useful on their own, but they are mostly used as an addition to carbon filters that are made to absorb unpleasant odors. Apart from neutralizing the odors, they also purify the air from excessive amount of moisture and carbon dioxide. If you have a fan inside your grow room, then having a neutralizer can make it function even more efficiently. Usually, carbon filters are widely used, not only in growboxes, but also in offices, greenhouses and kitchens. All in all, this is how the Prima Klima ECO 480m3 / h – fi125mm carbon filter works.

As you can see, getting rid of unpleasant smells in the apartment is not at all a difficult task. All you need to do is find a good quality neutralizer and that will help you have a pleasant and odor-free indoor area.