Mammoth growboxes - what to choose?

Mammoth growboxes - what to choose?

Isn’t it beautiful when the graying environment all around, during winter, turns into magically beautiful sunlight and brightness all around? The greenery all around not only makes the surroundings visually appealing, but also adds energy and optimizes mood. That is why most of the people like to spend their time outside, especially after undergoing long winter months. Sadly, such flourishing conditions cannot be achieved throughout the year. Thanks to the growbox which acts as a substitute that provides wonderful growth conditions to the indoor plantation, no matter it is hot or cold outside.

It all starts with the growbox

If we talk about how the growbox looks like, then it won’t be wrong to state that they are a greenhouse, but also resemble tents or wardrobes for plants. Regardless of what name you use to address the growbox, it is certain that this item is perfect for creating home like conditions in the indoor garden. Within a growbox, all crop – be it common ones or the most demanding ones, flourish smoothly and efficiently, if the optimal growth conditions are maintained within it.

In a perfect growbox, additional apparatus are used to control important parameters such as CO2 content, temperature, humidity as well as intensity and time of irradiation of plant crops. However, the most essential element is the growbox itself, because that is the one which generates and restores best environment for all crops. With the help of a perfectly maintained growbox, we can easily have vegetation like spring time, even when there is chill outside and no greenery around. However, to avail the full benefits of a growbox, it is important that you select the perfect tent as per the requirements of your plants.

Mammoth Growboxes – for every grower

For several years, Mammoth has been the top choice of indoor growers because of its durability, excellent quality and ease in maintaining cleanliness. But, one thing that you need to bear in mind is that mammoth growboxes are available in different variants – beginners, medium and more advanced, and each of these is suitable for different kind of growers. To have a better understanding of which Mammoth growbox is suitable for which kind of situation, let us know more about these variants.

What if for beginners?

Mammoth Dark Room / Pro 120 - 120x120x200cm 

Do you want to start your adventure with indoor growing, but do not want to spend too much money? If yes, then Mammoth Lite and Classic are the perfect options for beginners like you. No doubt Lite and Classic are economical choices, but that doesn’t mean that they have tons of shortcomings. At such a reasonable price, the Mammoth company makes sure that the buyers get a tent possessing durable material (that can be washed both inside and outside), lightweight construction and other solid elements such as a strong frame with steel slats enriched with excellent quality connectors. Mammoth Lite and Classic series growboxes are available in a wide range of sizes and are easy to assemble as well. What’s more, they have inlets and outlets for flexible installation, as well as large doors for easy access.


And what’s for advanced?

If we search for growbox variants better than Lite and Classic series, then the perfect choice is Mammoth Pro. These are perfect for more experienced growers who already have experience in indoor growing. Pro models are made perfectly, using specially selected and designed materials, which is why the plants are rarely exposed to the loss of energy and light. These tents use 100% light-proof material, due to which they are waterproof and very easy to wash.

Other specifications about Pro series include durable ventilation sleeves, very high light reflectance and easy to assemble frame with reinforced corners. If you are concerned about how these tents will appear in your house, then you can have a sigh of relief because they have marvelous aesthetic appearance, which makes them perfect for any home interior, without spoiling its interior.


Elite – for professionals

Mammoth Elite 600L - 300x607x215cm

Lastly, Mammoth Elite growbox has been designed for the hydroponics growers who are real professionals in the field. Its quick and easy assembly, lightweight design and 100% waterproof bottom makes it a perfect growbox.

Out of all the specifications of these tents, their best features include an extremely durable high-strength frame, especially designed for these tents. What’s more, their strong locking of the corners and joints make them a top choice of hydroponics growers. They are available in a wide range of sizes, including the largest one which is for large, professional crops. For instance, Mammoth Elite 600L is available in two heights: 2.15 m and 2.40 m.

To conclude, we can easily say that deciding the right kind of growbox must not be a problem for indoor growers because Lite and Classic are suitable for beginners, and Pro and Elite are for professionals. Well, not to be rigid, any novice can jump straight to the next level of growbox by investing in a better model. All in all, regardless of what you decide on, it is always good to bet on Mammoth tents.