Standard growbox equipment - learn the basics!

Standard growbox equipment - learn the basics!

During the gray and sad winter season, everyone loves the idea of being able to enjoy a pleasant, green and lush garden. But, living that dream is not possible in areas having extremely cold winters. Fortunately, for the home owners, who want to have access to various crops throughout the year, it is worth investing in a growbox, which is basically a small home greenhouse where you can grow not only the common vegetation but even the most demanding plants. For getting adequate results from a growbox, it is mandatory to complete the standard equipment so that the plants have perfect growth and flowering conditions.

It is a well acknowledged fact that every plant needs a proper dose of ventilation, light and filtration for a happy life. And, it is our prime responsibility to make sure that the crops actually have everything that they need and that too in the right amount. Therefore, apart from the mentioned elements, it is important to purchase control devices to ensure a good climate in the home greenhouse.


How to choose lighting?

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For every creature, light is the basis of living. And, when we grow plants inside the home – in the grow box, light becomes even more important. Three factors must be taken into account while choosing the lighting for your grow room. These are: the luminous efficiency, the color of the light beam and the type & power of the light source.

For luminous efficiency (expressed in lumens – lm), it must be borne in mind that the more lumens on the square meter of the growbox, the better for our specimens. And, in case of the second factor, which is color; it must be ensured that the color must be adjusted in accordance with whether the plant is in flowering or growth phase. For growth stage, "cold" color (determined in Kelvin with a value of 6000-6500K) is considered best, and for flowering, "heat" color (amounting to 2000-2500K) must be chosen. Thirdly, the light power depends largely on the types of lighting, which is available in numerous forms: quite popular metal halide lamps, the cheapest fluorescent lamps, and very efficient LED panels.



Why is ventilation so important?

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Growing plants inside a room comes with its own set of rules and regulation, and proper ventilation is one of them. Inside the house, plants do not have easy access to fresh air as in the case of outdoor breeding. Hence, it becomes even more essential to ensure regular exchange of air, so as to provide the right amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

A fully functional ventilation set must consist of several elements. To name a few, it must have:

  • a fan to inject air into a growbox (channel model), mixing air within the grow box (oscillating), and extracting air (duct or radial)

  • ventilation ducts to connect fan with carbon filter



What else to keep in mind?

As discussed, we can see that plants need adequate climatic conditions: fresh air (so that the plants feel like they are in their natural environment), lighting (imitating the sun), and optimum level temperature.

Do you know what else is equally important to these three factors listed above? Humidity! To ensure that the amount of humidity is perfect inside the grow room, we can take assistance of helpful equipment such as humidifiers, air conditioners, and air dryers. On top of that, it is important to control everything so as to generate favorable conditions for calm development of the plants. To ensure this, it is important to invest in thermometers, weather stations and hygrometers.

To cap it all, this is the absolute basis for growing any amateur crop within the comfort of your home. To not only gain good crops, but also satisfaction with the progress made, follow these recommendations.