The detail makes a difference, or what kind of pots to choose for growing indoor?

The detail makes a difference, or what kind of pots to choose for growing indoor?

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A perfect growbox is the one which is equipped with proper ventilation, lighting and irrigation systems so as to provide ideal growth conditions for the plants. Many indoor crop growers make sure that they choose the best solutions, even for the most demanding crops. However, it is disheartening to see degrading plant health, despite of investing a lot of money in the right kind of equipment and systems. Have you ever thought about what else can be interfering with your green specimens? The flowerpots! Choosing right flower pots is essential to provide best room for the plants to grow without any interruptions. So what are the choices that we have?


Everything that plants need

For making the right choice for a growbox, we also match everything else that is necessary to it. Purchase of a tent set must be preceded by a proper analysis of strengths and weaknesses of each variant, so as to make the informed choice. Same happens when we think about choosing the light falling on the plants, fans replacing air in the grow box, and irrigation for ensuring that the crops always have the right amount of water as per their need.

Astonishingly, our task does not end here because an equally important issue, which is often neglected or forgotten by breeders, is the selection of appropriate pots. This seemingly mundane element actually has a huge impact on the development of the root system of cultivated plants, which of course translates into the condition in which the crop will grow. The most important factor that helps you in choosing the right kind of flower pots is the material used to make it. So, before getting an answer for what material should be opted for pots, let us first analyze the ones we need to stay away from.



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Plastic pots are chosen by many breeders because these are very cheap and also weigh very less. Unfortunately, these are the only two advantages of using plastic pots. The biggest downside of using such pots is that they tend to tangle the root system of the plants. It is because naturally, roots look for access to oxygen, and tight plastic walls make this task really very difficult. This results in poor growth of the roots and restricts them from growing evenly throughout the entire surface of the substrate. Resultantly, the roots go to the sides of the pot, looking for more oxygen around the edges of the post. Obviously, all roots think the same and fight with each other for this life-giving substance. As a result, they all get caught up with each other, which negatively affect their growth.


Let the plant live in a peat pot!

Fortunately, there are optimal solutions available for growing plants, and those are the models made of ecological plastics. This form of plastic is completely biodegradable. Hence, such pots can be used for both situations: growing plants in the outdoor (under the sun) and indoor (in growboxes). Peat pot is free from chemical substances, which is why we simply bury it with the seedling. Nothing else is required to be done because the flower pot dissolves slowly and provides the additional nutritional value for our crops.


Peat pots have a huge number of advantages. Some of those have been listed below:

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  • They absorb and maintain water, which makes the humidity more even. It is important that the pots are in contact with each other and guarantee a good distribution among themselves because that improves the hydration significantly.

  • As already mentioned, roots stop on the walls of the plastic pots and that results in their poor development. However, in case of peat pots, the scenario is completely different because the roots can grow through the walls. Thanks to their walls that there is no restriction on growth of the plants, and also there is no negative phenomenon of their twisting. They simply branch out, which allows the creation of a strong root system.

  • In addition, porous walls of such pots provide air circulation and cooling of the root system.

  • These pots are easy to handle because even after filling, they are lighter than standard models.

  • You can seamlessly plant in these pots, both by hand and machine.

When furnishing your growbox, it is advisable to choose peat pots, which are way better than plastic models, in every respect.