The droplet drills the rock, or drip irrigation - what is it and when to use it?

The droplet drills the rock, or drip irrigation - what is it and when to use it?

 In the modern era, there are huge advancements in the field of indoor plantation. And, hydroponic systems have measurably contributed to this. With the help of such form of gardening, everyone – even the homeowners with zero outdoor space, can enjoy the benefits of such a breeding. However, to be able to grow lush vegetation of our own, we must remember about religiously executing a number of activities to keep the plants healthy. And, amongst all those activities, irrigation is the one that deserves particular attention. In the market, there are numerous kinds of automatic water supply systems, but today, we will be focusing mainly on the most popular and most easily available – drip irrigation.

 What is Hydroponics?

 Hydroponics is not only concerned about shortening the cycle of vegetation and having larger yields, but also about making optimal use of the genetic potential of the plant, alongside keeping the supply of nutrients under control. When you enter the search term "hydroponics" in any of the internet search engines, you will come across different meanings. One, and the most common one, out of them is "water culture". It is exactly similar to the Greek variant of the word "hydro" which means "water". Hydroponics is the form of cultivation, which is completely soilless. Mainly water is used as the growing medium in such kind of gardening, and it can be done both at home, in growboxes, and on an industrial scale, for instance in greenhouses.

 What is drip irrigation?

System nawadniający Big Drippa 8 roślin Drip irrigation is an economical, cost-effective and very comfortable operation because the system works automatically. In traditional form of irrigation, water from watering can was used to irrigate the plants. However, the biggest downside of using such method was that the gardener could never be sure whether or not the water being poured is the right amount. Mostly, it is done randomly, overzealously, on the feel, which in turn means that the soil of one crop will dry up pretty quickly, whereas the other will be flooded. Luckily, such situations can be prevented by using a droplet system (within the growbox), in which the smaller plastic snakes go from the main pipe, and supply nutrients to each plant individually.

 Irrigation systems and other accessories

 In the Autopot irrigation system, it is very well seen that the system consists of everything that is necessary, i.e. a filter, tank, stands, pots, additional accessories and snakes. In such system, watering is done using so-called float (AQUAvalve), using which the plants absorb exactly as much nutrients and water as they need in a given situation. Another benefit is that there is no need to connect the system to programmers or electricity. The same good can be said about drip irrigation, offered by the GIB brand, such as Big Dripp set, which is beneficial for 8 plants to upto 40 plants. Undoubtedly, no plant can survive without water. However, watering is not an art, but doing it in a proper way – tailored to the requirements of a specific crop, can only reap its maximum benefits. Drip irrigation means that this is how it will be!