GAVITA Pro 1700e LED

  • GAVITA Pro 1700e LED
  • GAVITA Pro 1700e LED
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  • Teho: 645W
  • Valonlähde: Osram and Samsung LEDs
  • Tarkoitettu: kasvu, kukinta
  • Lumen output: 127.450 lumen
  • PPF output: 1677µMol / Sec (2,6µMol/W)

Technical specifictions


Input voltage

240 Volt AC ±10%

Input power 100%

645 Watt

Input current 100%

2.6 Amp

Input frequency

50-60 Hz

Power factor

> 0.95

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity

This product may be used in wet enviroments

Power inlet

Wieland RST 16i5 plug

External dim connection

Gavita E-series Adapter for Gavita LED


112mm (length) x 111mm (width) x 5.8mm (height)


12.9 kg

Light source

Osram i Samsung LED's

PPF output

1677µMol / Sec (2,6µMol/W)

Lumen output

127.450 Lux (197,6Lux/W)


Features and Benefits


  • Highest quality Osram and Samsung LEDs

  • Very high efficiency of 2,6µMol/W / 127.450 lumen

  • Full spectrum light source

  • Provides optimal light distribution as well in the center as in the corners of your grow room

  • Greatly reduces heating problems, 30-40% easier to control than HPS fixtures

  • Compatible with EL1 and EL2 controllers (requires additional Gavita E-series Adapter)

  • Certified to be jused in wet enviroments

  • Passively cooled - no fans making unwanted noise

  • Stylish design with a light weight housing




Highest quality Osram and Samsung LEDs

By spreading an array of industry leading Osram and Samsung diodes over eight separate strips, the Gavita 1700e LED grow light produces a footprint that's almost perfectly even! Running at a ground-breaking 2.6 µmol per watt, it loses very little of its power to excess heat, turning it instead into ultra-high levels of full-spectrum light that your plants will love! It's no exaggeration to say that the Gavita 1700e is one of the most technologically advanced LED grow lights.


Very high efficiency of 2.6 µMol/Watt

The Gavita 1700e LED uses 645 watts of power, delivering an output of 1700 µmol s-1, making it even more efficient than the previous model, the Gavita Pro 1650e. This gives it an efficiency of 2.6 µmol s-1 per watt! To put this into perspective, typical HPS lights have efficiency levels ranging from around 1.6 µmol to an absolute peak of 2.1 µmol per watt .


Full spectrum light source

The light output on the Gavita LED is much closer to sunlight than HID lighting, delivering an extremely broad spectrum. It'll produce rapid plant growth rates in the grow AND bloom phases. The high levels of blue light keep internodes nice and tight, delivering compact plants and making more efficient use of the grow space. Blue light also encourages terpene, flavonoid and essential oil production which increases crop quality considerably. As you'd expect from a light like this, there's also a high concentration of red light to produce the goods when flowering.


Compatible with Gavita Master Controller EL-1 & EL-2

The Gavita Pro 1700e LED is dimmable and distributes wide light with a full spectrum from 50% to 100% while maintaining efficiency. It can be controlled with the Gavita Master controller with the help of the ESA-1 e-series adapter (separately sold), to create the ideal level of illumination when changing from growth to flowering for different crops during their growth cycle.

The Gavita E-series Adapter (sold separately) is required for each device.

Without the ESA-1 e-series adapter the fixture will run on 100% output. Depending on the controller, you can connect from 500-1000 LED luminaires, using the configuration with daisy chain splitters.


Certified for use in wet environments

IP66 wet rated and UL8800 compliant (IP56 wet rated and CE/CB compliant in EU) for use in wet environments which allows versatile placement in growing spaces. Its wet rating provides complete protection from dust, oil and water, allowing you to mount this light source in low rooms, on vertical racks, over rolling benches or even in tents.


The Gavita Pro 1700e LED system covers an area of 4,3 x 4,3ft / 130 x 130cm cm, the height between the lamp and the crop is 2ft / 60cm.


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