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Max GrowShop was fouded on 25th of September 2012 with a goal to settle on the European market, and within two years become one of the largest online Grow Shops in Europe. As we recently opened our shop, we have started with a smaller range of products but aim at the same time to cover the most important ones. Our main focus is on the cultivation packages such as tent packagesventilation packageslighting packages and other startup packages.

We are proud of being official suppliers of many high quality brands such as Gold LabelGavitaPhresh FilterSecret JardinSmart Pots and more.

We offer alot of different kits like MH, HPS and CFL lighting kits and many others.

We sell Gavita E-Series fixtures , one of the best and leading lighting brand on the market. Furthermore, we have the new Gavita HPS Enhanced High Frequency HPS bulb and Philips GreenPower HPS lamps in our range to offer our customers the best quality HPS lamps.

We sell nutrition and medium of the highest quality made by Gold Label beto able  offer our customers the absolute best medium and growing equipment.

Besides Gold Label, we sell nutrients from Canna, Hesi, Advanced Nutrients, BioBizz, Plagron, Atami and others.

   By being distributors for many professional and high quality manufacturers, we can offer a range of products for both professional growers and hobby gardeners.

   Also we do wholesale. We supply many european grow shops.

   One of our main goals is to offer growing accessories at the lowest prices and to have the best customer support in Europe.

We are a grow shop and wholesale that has been on the market for over six years with thousands of satisfied customers.

All our customers can count with the best prices, and what is most important - the best customer service!

For companies we offer wholesaling and drop shipping, please contact us for more information if you are interested in these options.

 With us you can shop safely!

* Max Grow Shop sends all orders within 24 hours from received payment!

* After having fulfilled the payment, the customer receives a personal email confirmation of that the money has been received and the date when the order will be shipped.

* As soon as the package is sent, we will email you information about your delivery, parcel number and a link where you can track there package during transport.


Are you tired of growshops who cannot properly handle customers’ claims?

We offer the best possible customer support during and after your purchase!

As our customer, you are welcome to email or chat us 24 hours a day with any questions regarding installation of your equipment and other things you need to know.

We always reply within 24 hours!

In order to make it easier for our customers to present any possible complain, it is important for us to always be available.

Unlike many other players on the market, we care about our customers and it is important for us to keep a good contact and to update you constantly about your order.

Every customer is a special customer for us!

If you e-mail us between 09:00-20:00 we answer you within maximum one hour.

Welcome to contact us if you have any questions!