Advanced accessories: nets, dryers, climate control and flanges. What are they used for?

Advanced accessories: nets, dryers, climate control and flanges. What are they used for?

With advancement in technology, due to which people are becoming more tech-savvy and machine oriented, it is fascinating to see that increasing number of people are now interested in growing plants at home. The small greenhouses, called grow boxes, are particularly helpful in making this dream of indoor gardening come true. Thanks to the various accessories in growboxes, creating a perfect environment for adequate growth of plants is completely possible. Professionals know that besides the basic elements affecting hydration, optimal temperature and lighting, there are other worthwhile uses available of growboxes. So, what are the accessories required in a perfect growbox? Read ahead to know more!


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Having a perfectly made, quality growbox is just like half the battle to enjoy the best specimens. This is why, it is essential to make sure that the equipment used is as required by your indoor plants. Out of all the accessories, one important accessory is lighting. We all know that lighting is utmost crucial for survival of living creatures. Similarly, in the case of domestic greenhouses, it is important to carefully select the color of the lighting to be used. As a general rule of thumb, the color of the light should match the type of cultivation: the flowering phase or the growth phase. It is also imperative that the lighting has the right performance expressed in lumens.

Other than lighting, let's not forget about the ventilation of the tent. Proper ventilation is required for regular air exchange within the growbox. The same can be said about the humidity, which is guaranteed by equipment such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers and air conditioners. Considering all the important parameters, we can be sure that our home garden will flourish and that too in no time. But for that, you must make sure that the Growbox is enriched with the necessary accessories for advanced users.


Control the good climate

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Have you ever considered being in the situation where the plants don’t bear desired results despite of you caring for your crops, looking after them, and applying to their growth and flowering with the help of best fans and fluorescent lamps? To check whether or not your efforts are being applied in the right direction, it is important to notice the overall condition of your plants. Mostly, the happy plants repay with a nice, lush and healthy look.

On the other hand, how would you know if something has deteriorated but you haven’t noticed it because they are signaled by unnoticeable, too subtle signals? For such situation, you can use a professional equipment that controls what is happening in the grow box and, if necessary, ensures that everything returns to normal. It is always worth it to invest in such a solution so that the signs which are generally overlooked can be "caught" by this intelligent device.


What else to keep in mind?

    • For most of the indoor growers, Gridbox nets seem to be an unnecessary addition until their importance is known. Gridbox nets are used mainly by advanced growers, and their main purpose is to shape plant growth, for example, by inhibiting their growth when it is too large.  The ones available in the market are so flexible with the appropriate eyelets that they allow you to translate even the largest flowers. It is very easy to use these nets because they have hooks for easy assembly. Generally, a permanently made Gridbox net will serve for more than one season.

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    • In growboxes, you can not only grow various demanding plants, but also dry them. However, the conditions in the greenhouse are conducive to this process. Hence, if you think about drying option, you should get a professional drying room, which is a form of tent insert that prevents odors. Dryers are mainly equipped with hooks for hanging, a breathable sieve, and depending on the model and the type – they can even be hung up at different heights.

  • Another very useful addition to a growbox is flanges, which are normally used for mounting an additional vent in the tent. Although it is used for the inlet of cold or warm air, yet it can be used for ventilation, for example, Cooltubs. It is made using a very solid material (most often it is Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS)) and is properly protected against insects.

All these are obviously not all the advanced accessories needed in your grow box, but they surely are some of the better ones that have tons of additional features to offer.