How to choose ventilation for the growbox?

How to choose ventilation for the growbox?

Have you ever tried to feel life in your day to day activities? For instance when we breathe deeply, or the sun graces us warmly or maybe when the wind gently smacks on the face? We gain energy to act by consuming numerous kinds of meals, which are rich in microelements. And, after finishing our daily chores, it is time to take rest and sleep. This is how the normal human being’s daily routine looks like, isn’t it?

Just like human beings, plants need four elements for survival: water, light, right temperature, and nutrients. When we do outdoor gardening, nature provides them all. But at home, we are responsible for providing favorable conditions for the development and survival of the plant. If you leave them alone, plants cannot survive for too long. Fortunately, we have a miniature greenhouse, named as growbox, which can be used to create a perfect microclimate within the house. Growboxes serve several purposes, and one out of it is ventilation. Let us explore more about why is it so important & what to choose for growbox?

What is growbox?

As already mentioned, growbox is simply a small greenhouse in which plants – even the most demanding ones – have perfect conditions for development. Within a growbox, a special apparatus is used to properly maintain all the most important values ​​– humidity, temperature, CO2 content, and exposure.

Ventilation in growbox - why is it so important?

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Ventilation within a growbox is crucial because due to it, the required amount of carbon dioxide flows into the tent and ensures photosynthesis. In case you do not make arrangements for proper ventilation, scarcity of CO2 within the growbox can result in disturbed photosynthesis that can further hamper the growth of plants.

Ventilation is not only required for continuing photosynthesis, but also to maintain the right temperature, without which the plants would be exposed to overheating (through artificial lighting) and, consequently, wilting. What’s more, it also assists in maintaining the correct level of humidity, excess of which is harmful. Ventilation removes excess moisture so that the plants do not start to rot.

What to remember while choosing a fan?

For proper ventilation, the fan in the growbox is a requisite to ensure that the plants will get conditions close to natural. If you are thinking of buying a fan, then you have two options to choose from – duct or radial fans. The way both these fans function is different, but understanding their functionality is of course not important because more essential is to understand the efficiency they provide. Their efficiency is often measured in cubic meters per hour (m3/h), and the exact amount of air that can be pumped by a given device, within one hour.

Apart from the efficiency of the fan, equally important factor is the volume of the fan. After all, you won’t like a fan that makes undesirable noise – and for many weeks, without any interruptions. Hence, it is always worth it is to buy a high-quality model that comes with speed control feature. In case you are unable to find one such model nearby, you can buy acoustic silencers, preferably two – one at the front and one behind the fan. These silencers are perfect for suppressing noise, at least partially, if not completely.

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Plants and fertilizers often give unpleasant fragrances that can be irritating for some individuals. So, if you don’t want to feel them every day, you need to have a carbon filter installed in your growbox. If you buy the growbox kit from a specialist store, carbon filter and other necessary equipment are included within the kit, but if not, you can buy them separately such as Prima Klima carbon filter.

Overall, nothing is less or more important in a growbox. After all, all apparatuses together form a friendly environment for the plant. Let’s not forget, ventilation is one of them. It is invaluable, obligatory and fulfills a lot of important tasks. So, always choose it correctly!