Guide for adepts, or what do you need to grow lush vegetation?

Guide for adepts, or what do you need to grow lush vegetation?

 Most of the people try their best to stay in the best of their health and shape. For that, they take assistance of proper nutrition in order to give the best care that their body needs. Organic veggies and herbs from your own garden are considered more valuable than the market bought ones because the former gives sigh of relief that no pesticides and other harmful substances are used while growing plants. Growboxes are mainly used to grow our desired vegetation and that too all year round, but how do we start to get truly lush vegetation?

 Growboxes - life is flourishing in them

zestaw growbox In case of outdoor gardening, time can be gray, sad and without hope for warmer days, for almost half a year. During those days, even if the gardener uses the best practices, he or she cannot help the plants in any way. One way that they use to give necessary lighting and heat to the plants is moving some of the crops to the roof of the home. 
Gradually, since emergence of growboxes , gardening has become much easier and effective than before. Growboxes aka miniature greenhouses create and maintain optimal development conditions for even the most demanding plants. For maintaining such favorable conditions for plant growth within the growbox, we need special apparatus to maintain temperature, time and intensity of exposure, humidity, CO2 content etc. Max Grow Shop offers growboxes, of different sizes, with a more or less developed internal climate control system. 

 What should be in the growbox?

 No matter what model of growbox you choose, remember to pick the right ventilation, lighting, control equipment and filtration for optimal climatic conditions. For every living being, light is life; and the color of light’s flow determines how crops will grow. Hence, it is essential to choose the light correctly – “cold” light for the growth phase (with the power of 6000-6500K) and “warm” color for the flowering phase (with the power of 2000-2500K). Apart from the color, you must also pay attention towards the luminous efficiency, as well as the type and power of the light source. 

Apart from providing the necessary kind of light, ensuring proper ventilation is also crucial for regular exchange of air. For proper ventilation, various fans (oscillatory, channel etc.) can be used. And in order to maintain adequate humidity levels, air dryers, humidifiers and air conditioners prove to be beneficial. To check that everything is functioning well, we can also make use of hygrometers, weather stations and thermometers.

 What substrate for plants?

 For proper growth, our plants need imitation of the sun, that is, lamps, humidity, pleasant temperature and air exchange so that the plants can bloom and grow their roots freely. In case additional nutrients are required, fertilizers can also be added to the hydroponics systems in order to ensure a better growth.

Gold Label Batboost 250ml For having impressive crops, it is essential to match the substrate correctly. And, there is no better material than soil for cultivation. It has been used since ages and still it is the most natural method that is being used for farming. No matter what kind of plant you are willing to grow, it is essential to pick a suitable substrate having high content of humus as well as a plump structure to provide right amount of oxygen to the roots. Additionally, soil must also contain "life", that is micro-organisms, in order to stabilize and balance the most important parameters (including pH). One such product which meets all these specifications is Gold Label Special Mix Light. 

Even if you have selected the right kind of substrate, it is equally important to choose the perfect kind of fertilizers, especially the ones containing a lot of caries, such as Gold Label Soil A & B. These additional nutrients significantly improve the soil structure and provide plants with access to easily digestible materials. Another choice of specialized fertilizers is Gold Label Roots, which are rich in amino acids, seaweed and high-quality biological extracts. Similar specifications can be found in Gold Label Batboost, which is a highly concentrated stimulator of growth and flowering. To stimulate the life of the soil, these fertilizers are full of unique ingredients such as extracts of high-quality bat guana or pure cane molasses. 

Lastly, we should choose durable, solid and suitable SmartPot pots for growing various types of plants. With such an all-round set of soil, relevant parameters (humidity, temperature, insolation or CO2) and fertilizer, we can expect high yields.