• Sunsystem
  • Gavita
  • Spectromaster
  • Gold Label number ONE
  • Гаранцията за най-ниска цена
Нови продукти
  • Модел: ADS20W
  • Диаметър: Ø18cm
  • Мощност: 20W
  • Improves soil structure
  • Contains special microbes
  • Increases soil activity
  • Stores nutrients and releases them gradually
  • High quality standards (EBC, PEFC)
  • Improves the soil’s water absorption capacity
  • Хумус стимулира развитието на флората на почвата
  • рН 6.0-7.0
  • EC 1.0-1.5
  • Съдържание на органични вещества 55%
  • Задържане на вода 6 ml / g
  • Фаза: цъфтеж
  • За отглеждане в: почви, кокоси, хидропоника
  • Дозировка: 2ml/L
  • pH 5,9-7,2
  • EC 0,7-1,1 mS/cm
  • Размери: 40x40x120см
  • Обемът: 0.19m3
  • Материал: 600D Mylar
  • Отразяваща способност: 95%
  • Фаза: цъфтеж
  • За отглеждане в: почви, хидропоника
  • Дозировка: 2ml/L
  • Gavita DigiStar 1000W with reflector Gavita Hortistar and bulb HPS 1000W DE
  • Power: 1000W
  • Light source: Gavita Pro 1000W DE EL
  • Lumen output: 138.000 lumen
  • PPF output: 2100µMol / Sec (2,1µMol/W)
Gavita Pro 630e EU e-series 3000KGavita Pro 630e EU e-series 3000K
521,70 EUR613,77 EUR
  • Мощност: 630W
  • Източник на светлина: 2x Philips CDM 315W 930 Agro 3000K
  • Предназначена за цъфтеж
  • Lumen output: 91.200 lumen
  • PPF output: 1200µMol / Sec (1,9µMol/W)
Gavita Enhanced  HPS 400WGavita Enhanced HPS 400W
20,39 EUR23,99 EUR
  • Повишена светлинна мощност: 56 500 лумена
  • E40 фасунга
  • 230 V
  • (µMol): 725
  • Предназначена за цъфтеж
  • Да се използва само с 400W баласт
  • Предложена площ от 80x80см до 100х100см
  • Светлинна мощност: 11, 000 лумена
  • 2100°+6400°K DUAL
  • Вграден електронен баласт с незабавен старт
  • дължина = 39,5 см, Ø = 13 см, резба E40
  • Захранване: 220 до 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Предложена площ от 80x80 до 100x100см
  • Светлинна мощност: 11, 000 лумена
  • 6400K
  • Предназначена за растеж
  • Вграден електронен баласт с незабавен старт
  • дължина = 39,5 см, Ø = 13 см, резба E40
  • Захранване: 220 до 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Предложена площ от 80x80 до 100x100см
Gavita ECM1Gavita ECM1
79,46 EUR93,48 EUR
  • Type of product: Power contactor module
  • To be used in combination with the Gavita Master Controller EL-1 / EL-2
  • Мощност: 300W
  • Източник на светлина: LUXIM STA 41.02
  • Предназначен за: растеж, цъфтеж
  • Lumen output: 18.000 lumen
  • PPF output: 300µMol / Sec (1,0µMol/W)
  • Мощност: 315W
  • Източник на светлина:
  • Предназначен за: растеж, цъфтеж
  • Dimensions:37.5 cm (15") Long 23 cm (9") Wide 18 cm (7") High
  • Number of domes: 1 pcs.
  • Large High-scale cloning and planting will become much faster and easier.
  • рН 6,1-6,3
  • EC 1,2 mS / m
  • стимулира развитието на корените
  • на сцената: растеж, цъфти
  • Много добре изтичайте излишната вода
  • Капацитет: 1 литра
  • Размери: 11x11x12см
60-165 mm Clamp60-165 mm Clamp
1,34 EUR1,49 EUR
  • метална скоба за маркуч
  • за да се фиксират вентилационните маркучи
  • размери: 60-165 мм
  • размери: 29cm x 29cm
  • Азот (N): 160 mg / l
  • Фосфор (Р): 90 mg / L
  • Калий (К): 110 mg / l
  • Стойност на рН: 6,0
  • Стойност на ЕО: 1,0 mS / cm
  • Сребристо-бяло фолио Diamond Mylar
  • Много добър фактор за отразяване на светлината
  • Предотвратява образуването на така наречените "горещи точки"
  • Нетоксични.
  • Той абсорбира топлинната радиация
  • Цена за 1 линеен метър = 1.25mx1m
  • Модел: ALU127
  • Диаметър: Ø127mm
  • Дължина: 1м
  • Максимално налягане: 3000 Ра
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Mammoth growboxes - what to choose?
Mammoth growboxes - what to choose?

Isn’t it beautiful when the graying environment all around, during winter, turns into magically beautiful sunlight and brightness all around? The greenery all around not only makes the surroundings visually appealing, but also adds energy and optimizes mood. That is why most of the people like to spend their time outside, especially after undergoing long winter months. Sadly, such flourishing conditions cannot be achieved throughout the year. Thanks to the growbox which acts as a substitute that provides wonderful growth conditions to the indoor plantation, no matter it is hot or cold outside.

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Save energy - Led panels and energy saving bulbs for growbox
Save energy - Led panels and energy saving bulbs for growboxThe sun – our life-giving star – provides light and energy throughout the year, but that is mostly uneven because in the summer it warms up intensely, and during the winter it hardly provide vivid rays. That is the main rhythm of nature, atleast in Central European climate. Well, that was about the natural supply of light. But what if someone wants to grow plants at home – in special tents called growboxes? How do they provide green specimens with the correct dose of light? How can they save electricity at the same time?

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Review of coconut fertilizers
Review of coconut fertilizers

In some parts of the world, specifically in Southeast Asia, coconut substrate is considered as a substitute for the earth. Hence, it is as efficient and valuable for growing plants as the soil. Presently, this solution is becoming more and more popular even though it was first used as a planting method in Europe, during the 20th century. Soon after, it became popular in Poland as well. These days, every grower can benefit from the benefits of coconut substrate as well as numerous options of fertilizers available to improve the condition of crops. Let's check what they are worth!

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How to neutralize the smell from growing?
How to neutralize the smell from growing?

Witnessing a fast growing, thriving plant is a pleasing phenomenon because it is visually appealing to see how the magical process of plant growth follows. However, when the plants grow, it is not only their visual growth but sense of aroma which affects the surroundings. These aromas can be sometimes pleasant, but can be problematic on the other times. So, what to do? How to neutralize the smells from cultivation?

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How does the Autopot system work and what is it?
How does the Autopot system work and what is it?Hydroponics aka cultivation in water, is used both on an industrial scale and in home plant breeding, mainly in tents and greenhouses. As water is used as the ‘soil’ in this system, the most essential element that needs to be taken care of is the irrigation system. Let us have a closer look at how the irrigation system in hydroponics gardening works. We will understand this by analyzing the Autopot system.
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Why is it worth investing in an air humidifier, or gadgets that make it easier to take care of potted plants
Why is it worth investing in an air humidifier, or gadgets that make it easier to take care of potted plantsUsually, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that house plants are a bit like little children. We have to take regular care of them and that too through all the stages – right from flowering phase to all the way upto their entire growth cycle. For pleasant and desired growth of the plants, it is essential to maintain a wonderful, beneficial and peaceful atmosphere all the time. For all living beings (except the anaerobes), survival without oxygen is impossible because it is the most wonderful food. The same is true in case of plants as well. Plants repay their good conditions for good – purifying the air against harmful compounds. Yet, it is essential to properly moisten the plants so as to keep them functional for longer period of time. How to make it happen?
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The droplet drills the rock, or drip irrigation - what is it and when to use it?
The droplet drills the rock, or drip irrigation - what is it and when to use it?In the modern era, there are huge advancements in the field of indoor plantation. And, hydroponic systems have measurably contributed to this. With the help of such form of gardening, everyone – even the homeowners with zero outdoor space, can enjoy the benefits of such a breeding. However, to be able to grow lush vegetation of our own, we must remember about religiously executing a number of activities to keep the plants healthy. And, amongst all those activities, irrigation is the one that deserves particular attention. In the market, there are numerous kinds of automatic water supply systems, but today, we will be focusing mainly on the most popular and most easily available – drip irrigation.
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How to choose fertilizing system? What is worth knowing?
How to choose fertilizing system? What is worth knowing?Nutrient-rich fertilizers are required by even the finest quality soils available around the world. It is absolutely amazing to see what all our crops can get from such valuable reinforcement. However, not all the variants available in the market are of the perfect quality. Sellers in the marketplace offer so many variants of fertilizers that it often confuses the buyers about what to buy and what to avoid. To clear that doubt, let us have a look at some of the factors that must be paid attention towards, while choosing fertilizer for the crops.
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Guide for adepts, or what do you need to grow lush vegetation?
Guide for adepts, or what do you need to grow lush vegetation?Most of the people try their best to stay in the best of their health and shape. For that, they take assistance of proper nutrition in order to give the best care that their body needs. Organic veggies and herbs from your own garden are considered more valuable than the market bought ones because the former gives sigh of relief that no pesticides and other harmful substances are used while growing plants. Growboxes are mainly used to grow our desired vegetation and that too all year round, but how do we start to get truly lush vegetation?
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Growbox - how to choose the best one?
Growbox - how to choose the best one?
All living organisms – be it human beings, animal, or plants, have appropriate conditions,
fulfillment of which ensure their adequate growth and development. To envision the ubiquitous
greenery and full flowering in all its glory, Planet Earth provides mild climate such as spring and
summer. Unfortunately, regions such as Poland, which have really very harsh winters, do not
allow people to enjoy views with flowering and greenery all year round. Climate and weather
are all natural phenomenon; hence, we cannot expect or demand the weather to be conducive
to cultivation. Instead, what we can do is invest in a clever device – a growbox, in which each
plant – bigger and smaller, more modest and the one that grows like crazy – can grow freely. Do
you want to know about the things to pay attention towards, before buying a growbox? If yes,
then continue reading further to know about the effective tips to choose the best growbox.

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