Näringspaket Canna för jord

  • Näringspaket Canna för jord
  • Växtnäring, Canna Terra Vega 1L
  • Växtnäring, Canna Terra Flores 1L
  • Canna PK 13/14 250ml
  • Canna Rhizotonic 250ml
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  • Terra Vega 1L
  • Terra Flores 1L
  • PK 13-14 250ml
  • Canna Rhizotonic 250 L

Terra Vega

Terra Vega is a complete professional nutrient for fast growing plants during the growing phase, specially developed for growing in soil. It ensures a vigorous plant with large vital shoots. It is easy to use, directly dissolves, and highly suitable for growing with automatic "run to waste" irrigation systems. Vital side shoots and luxuriant root development are signs of healthy, powerful growth and form the basis for a high yield. You will give your plants the best foundation with Canna Terra Flores in the flowering phase. 

Terra Flores

Terra Flores is a base nutrient for the bloom phase and is best used together with Canna Terra Vega. It is specially made for growing in soil, stimulating fruiting, and giving the plants their characteristic flavor. Terra Flores is excellent in promoting fruit formation and contains all the nutrients the flowers need during the flowering phase. It's also rich in chelated trace elements that are easy for your plants to absorb which will help them produce unique flowers. 

Canna PK 13/14

Canna PK 13/14 is a flowering stimulant with a highly concentrated mix of phosphorus and potassium. 

If you want to maximize the development of your flowers, this is the booster for you. CANNA PK 13/14 is easy to use and easy for your plants to absorb. If you add this stimulant at the right time, you only need to add it once, and you will get excellent results. 

Canna Rhizotonic

Canna Rhizotonic is a 100% vegetable, powerful root stimulant that will give your plants optimal conditions for growing strong and healthy. 

This is perfect to use the first weeks in the vegetative phase to create a strong foundation for your plants, as the roots are the most important for optimal development. You can also use it if your plants are shocked when transplanted, sick, or growing poorly. 

CANNA uses only high-quality, pure nutrients and chelates that can be absorbed directly and entirely by the plant. The dosage bottle is made of polyethylene (no PVC or cadmium), an easily biodegradable and recyclable plastic.


Terra Vega (Growth phase) Terra Flores (Bloom phase)

  • Shake well before use.

  • For use in soil only.

  • You can use it both indoors and outdoors.

  • In intensive crops, feed the plants periodically with this solution. 

  • In poor soils, add daily. 

  • In rich soils: add 1 to 3 times a week to the irrigation water.

  • The manufacturer recommends growing in well-aerated, lime-rich soil such as CANNA Terra.

  • Professional (Plus) and water daily as needed.

Canna PK 13/14

  • Shake well before use.

  • You can use it in soil, coco and hydroponics.

  • Add once 3 weeks before harvest.

  • Add this mixture to the irrigation water for 3-6 days.

  • Excess fertilizers can affect the soil's fertility and the plants' quality.

  • Store closed in a dark, frost-free place.

  • Keep out of the reach of children.

Canna Rhizotonic

  • Shake well before use.

  • You can use it in soil, coco and hydroponics.

  • You can use it in all phases of the plant's life.

  • You can use it during the first weeks of the vegetative phase.

  • You can use it to soak seeds and stimulate the rooting.

  • You can use it to help shocked or sick plants recover by stimulating the roots.

  • Spray the cultivation medium 1-6 times daily. Spray directly on the leaves until a strong root system has developed.

  • When repotting, you can pre-treat the growing medium with this solution.

  • Set the pH of the nutrient reservoir after adding RHIZOTONIC as it will slightly increase the pH.


Terra Vega/Flores

  • 5ml/L water

Canna PK 13/14

  • 1,5ml/L water

Canna Rhizotonic

  • 4ml/L water



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